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Your connected partner for sustainable storage solutions

Connecting supply chains

As a leading international and independent liquid bulk storage company, we form an integral part of our customers’ supply chains. We provide essential infrastructure and innovative services in the process of transporting products from areas of supply to areas of demand. In our position as connected partner in current and future logistic networks, we are a relevant player in the energy transition. We enable efficiency gains in our customers’ businesses and support their growth ambitions, paving the way towards a carbon-neutral society.


Our services simplify supply chains and optimize total costs. From storage and handling to filling, drumming, and warehousing, our agile company culture allows us to quickly respond to any request and anticipate on the needs of our customers.

About us

We provide our customers with safe, reliable and efficient storage solutions by adhering to a strict risk management philosophy. We deliver:

  • Safety and sustainability | Our safe and energy-efficient solutions benefit you, your carbon footprint, and the environment.
  • Service | The right solution for you and your product.
  • Efficiency | Your time and products are treated with respect.

100% safety, always our priority

If your coworker sees you doing everything the safe way, they might think twice about taking a shortcut themselves. They might think ‘If she can do it, it’s not a big deal for me to follow’. That’s how I feel I contribute, by setting that example.

Allanna Thomas

Operator, Freeport

Safety is the ultimate form of teamwork. It takes all of us to work in the same direction and to build a culture that looking out for yourself is not enough, we look out for one another, and nothing is more important.

Jeff Dewar

Senior Vice President, Americas

We all have families to report to. So, coming here and doing it safe, we are all our brothers’ keepers so to speak. And that’s the mindset I think everyone here has because we have a 100% buy-in on being safe here at LBC.

Allen Ruben

Operator, Seabrook

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