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Your connected partner

From storage and handling of bulk liquid products to IBC filling, drumming, and warehousing, LBC is your connected partner for sustainable storage solutions. We are building a meaningful future for LBC, one where we remain relevant by anticipating global trends and developments, by being agile and open for change, striving for ambitious objectives, and creating value for our stakeholders.

terminals worldwide
dedicated employees
million m³ storage capacity
$million revenue (FY22)
$million CAPEX spending (FY22)

Our strategy

Safety and sustainability, service and efficiency are key drivers for our customer performance and are the fundament of our success. Continuous optimization and further digitization of our processes are both paramount for us to stay meaningful and relevant for our stakeholders. The outcome of these efforts shapes our role as integral part of our customers’ supply chains through connected partnerships. Our customers are successful in their markets through the safe, reliable, sustainable, and efficient infrastructure and services that we provide.

The concept of connected partnership is further reflected in how we work together between different locations and departments to define and implement our strategy, in line with our ambitions to grow and to diversify our business, and the role we aim to play in the energy transition.

Our mission

Making impact

We commit to a best-in-class performance in service, sustainability, and efficiency. As the custodian of our customers’ products, we nourish a proactive 100% safety culture, ensuring that the products stored in our facilities are handled responsibly with zero harm to people and the planet. We prioritize making a positive impact in society and securing the long-term environmental sustainability of our operations.

Driving change

We continue to improve our performance by making decisions that complement and innovate our terminal network, driven by operational excellence and customer centricity. We aim to be the leading reference in responsible service delivery by investing in sustainable development and digital innovation. Optimizing our core processes enables us to continuously provide safe and efficient services, fit for the future.

As a team

We are a diverse group of committed people, each with unique expertise, an extensive set of skills, and the mindset of a leader. We succeed through cooperation, where all our efforts combined fulfill an essential role in providing our customers with best-in-class service at high HSSEQ standards. We all have responsibilities in implementing our strategy, in creating and maintaining a resilient business culture.

Our purpose and vision

Our purpose is being the connected partner for sustainable storage solutions. We hereby envision a future in which we continue to be meaningful and relevant for our customers, the communities in which we operate, our employees, contractors, and shareholders.

Our values

We connect

We develop and strengthen relationships that make a positive difference in the lives of our stakeholders. We believe that trust and integrity are paramount to every solid connection and therefore hold ourselves and others to the highest standards in everything that we do. We connect to share best practices, to listen and anticipate on each other’s and our stakeholders’ needs. We are committed to excellence and driven to succeed, together.

We anticipate

We anticipate on change and challenges emerging from an ever-evolving world with focus and agility. We continuously keep an open mind in recognizing opportunities for improvement, both in our business and personal development. We encourage an entrepreneurial mindset and applaud creative and innovative ideas, where we are dedicated to transform them into long-term value for our stakeholders.

We empower

We empower each other to make responsible decisions and to take ownership of our actions. We trust that our goals can only be reached by fostering a work environment where everyone feels inspired and confident to collaborate in a transparent, respectful, and inclusive way. We believe that our team is as strong as the accumulation of differences that we have within it. We value each other’s unique qualities and diverse backgrounds.

We lead

We recognize that we all have a leading role in shaping a sustainable future. We believe in the big impact of small changes and the positive contributions we make in driving change and innovation. We believe in leading by example, upholding a best-in-class performance in sustainability, service, and efficiency. We are proud of our accomplishments and realize that progress is a process. Our achievements are celebrated; from mistakes we learn and grow.

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