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LBC Antwerp

Our Antwerp terminal is located on the river Scheldt in the fourth harbor dock in Antwerp (Belgium). The Port of Antwerp is where you will find the largest chemical cluster and base oil hub in Europe and, of course, it’s also home to LBC. The terminal can handle all modes of transportation, ensuring easy access to our facilities and the array of services we provide.

Facts & figures

255,000 m³ of liquid storage capacity
(expanding to 335,000 m³ by 2026)
159 tanks ranging in volume from 187 m³ to 6,100 m³

Jetty with 2 seagoing and 4 barge docks
Draft of 11.1 m (sea) and 4.55 m (barges)

36 truck racks

13 rail loading bays

Intermediate chemicals, high-flash products such as base oils, fame

Services include heating, nitrogen blanketing, circulation, bubbling

Fully automated drumming facility with 2 drum filling lines and 1 IBC filling line
Drumming directly from tank or from truck

Fully automated warehouse with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
Warehouse storage volume totalling 14,000 m³ with up to 7223 pallet locations

Leon Bonnetweg 28
2030 Antwerpen

Haven 275
Leon Bonnetweg 28
2030 Antwerp

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