LBC Baton Rouge

Fitted with marine and land vapor handling systems, the Baton Rouge terminal is perfect for storing a wide range of liquid products. As one of the northern most independent deep water terminals on the Mississippi River, the terminal accommodates ships and barges, next to having road and rail connections. It is also serviced by the Canadian National Railroad.

Facts & figures

3,170,000 barrels of liquid storage capacity
43 tanks ranging in volume from 10,000 to 150,000 barrels

1 ship/barge dock and 1 barge only dock
Draft of 12.2 m

3 truck racks (6 spots)

4 rail tracks (22 spots)

Chemicals, petroleum, base oils

Services include heating, nitrogen padding, circulation, direct transfer

1725 Hwy 75
Louisiana 70780

Geismar Industrial Complex
1725 HWY 75
Sunshine, Louisiana 70780

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