LBC Rotterdam

Our team at the Rotterdam terminal offers you optimal storage solutions, right in the petrochemical heart of the largest port in Europe. The terminal accommodates various transport modes by road, rail and sea, to ensure you benefit from the ultimate in convenience.

Facts & figures

180,000 m³ of liquid storage capacity
Increase to 372,000 m³ storage capacity planned in future expansions
87 tanks ranging in volume from 235 m³ to 5,000 m³ (mild steel as well as stainless steel)

Jetty with 2 seagoing and 2 barge positions
Draft of 12.6 m (possible increase to 14.5 m)

16 loading bays

5 loading spots

Pipeline-connected to local industry

Chemicals and petroleum products

Services include blending, dedicated systems, heating, nitrogen blanketing and surveyor on site

Oude Maasweg 4
3197 KJ Botlek Rotterdam

Haven 4035
Oude Maasweg 4
3197 KJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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