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LBC Baton Rouge

Our Sunshine (Baton Rouge) terminal is located within the Geismar Industrial Complex ten miles south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the Mississippi River. The terminal is one of the northern most independent deep-water terminals on the river, providing economical barge distances to the upper Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. The terminal also serves the immediate industrial area. The terminal is equipped to handle a wide range of liquid products, heated and non-heated, dangerous and non-dangerous products and has a marine and land vapor handling system. The terminal can accommodate truck, barge, ship and rail access. It is also serviced by the Canadian National Railroad.

Facts & figures

- Liquid storage capacity: 477,700 m³ (3,000,000 barrels)

- 46 tanks from 1,600 to 24,000 m³ (10,000 to 150,000 barrels)

- Draft: 12.2m

- TQM and USCG certified

Products & Services

- Chemicals, petroleum product and oils

- 24/7 operation

- Direct transfer ship, barge, truck, rail

- Vapor recovery

- Steam capabilities

Expansion Potential

- Additional land capacity to increase overall tankage up to 4.5 million barrels

LBC Baton Rouge

Geismar Industrial Complex
1725 HWY 75

Sunshine, Louisiana 70780

Russell Crawford (Sr. Vice President Marketing & Sales)
Elizabeth Lopez, (HR Director US)

Community partners

International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA)

Geismar Area Mutual Aid (GAMA)

Baton Rouge Area Mutual Aid System (BRAMAS)

Traffic and Transportation Club of Greater New Orleans