LBC Rotterdam
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LBC Rotterdam

LBC Rotterdam is located right in the petrochemical heart of the largest port in Europe. The terminal can accommodate different transport modes via water, road and rail. In addition to storage, the site offers blending, formulating, IBC filling, drumming, packaging and warehousing services.


Facts & figures

Liquid storage capacity: 180,000m³

Further increase to 372,000m³ planned in future expansions.

87 tanks from 235 to 5,000m³

Jetty with two seagoing and two barge positions

Current draft: 12.6m (possible increase to 14.5m)

ISO 9001: expiry date February 2023

ISO 14001: expiry date February 2023

ISPS certified

CDI-T registered

LBC Rotterdam

Haven 4035
Oude Maasweg 4
3197 XA Botlek - Rotterdam

Community partners


VOTOB (Vereniging van Nederlandse tankopslagbedrijven)

EVO (Ondernemersvereniging EVO)

DeltaPORT Donatiefonds