LBC Tank Terminals

LBC Tank Terminals moves company headquarters to Mechelen, Belgium

3 June 2010

LBC Tank Terminals moves company headquarters to Mechelen, Belgium to better serve customers and drive future growth.

LBC Tank Terminals announced today that, effective 1 June 2010, the company will relocate its headquarters from Paris, France to Mechelen, Belgium as part of an ambitious and accelerating business strategy to better serve customers and support future growth. The move also underscores the company’s expanding global position as the preferred global provider of bulk liquid storage solutions and reflects LBC’s continued evolution as a customer-focused organization.

“LBC’s move to Mechelen is critical to the success and growth of our business as the preferred global provider of bulk liquid storage solutions” said Brett Simpson, chief executive officer, LBC Tank Terminals. “It clearly demonstrates our strong and unyielding commitment to our customers and is a major milestone for us as one of the leading independent operators of tank storage facilities in the world.”

The new Mechelen location is close to the ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp) main port area, which will enable LBC to attract suitably qualified individuals for its headquarters operations. Mechelen is located between Amsterdam and Paris, with excellent TGV connections to both cities. Moreover, the new headquarters is close to Brussels Airport, with a new even faster rail-link currently under construction, and connected to Europe’s extensive motorway network. From this location, LBC will direct global operations through its robust international portfolio of high-quality terminals in Europe, Asia, and the United States. All of LBC’s terminals are fully networked to maximize the company’s global reach, customer service and overall effectiveness.

One of the company’s key objectives is to build a strong new team at the new headquarters, to further develop the strategy and support ambitious plans for growth. These include driving an ambitious growth plan through Brown Field and Green Field developments, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and other business initiatives. All of these will be supported by a coordinated and centralised LBC group approach.

“Our relocation to Belgium comes at an excellent time to take full advantage of the economic recovery and the opportunities that are starting to present themselves,” Simpson said. “We are confident that we made the right move at the right time to enable LBC to provide enhanced storage services and to deliver the top-quality support our customers expect of us.”