LBC Tank Terminals

LBC Nantes Launches New Bitumen Facility for Shell

20 February 2013

LBC Tank Terminals has completed the first new bitumen facility for Shell in its LBC terminal of Nantes, with a capacity of 12.000m3. The first shipment of bitumen was received in January, one month ahead of completion.

These new state-of-the-art facilities will allow blending and loading for the full range of penetration grades. Operations will be automated, allowing ships to be unloaded within less than 10 hours and a dozen of trucks loaded within 1 hour. The Nantes new facility can handle up to 32 KT of bitumen per month.

LBC Tank Terminals is the only global independent storage provider offering bitumen storage capacity in France. Total bitumen capacity offered by LBC in the region is currently 33.900m3 serving the areas of Nantes, Bayonne and Marseille.

Additional capacity will be available soon with the launch of a new depot of 14.000m3 for Shell in Bayonne.

Over the longer term, LBC’s strategy is focused on growth. Within France this will be achieved through further development of the group’s existing facilities at each of its French operations.

LBC Nantes

LBC Nantes terminal is dedicated to the storage of bulk liquids. The facility is already fully equipped to store Bitumen, Caustic Soda, Palm Oil, various blends of Molasses, Sulphuric Acid, Fertilizer and Lubricants. Today total capacity stands at 42.765 m3.

Nantes is ideally connected to highways and the rail network and is the ideal platform to distribute liquid non-flammable products from the North West of France. The terminal is ISO 9001 and HACCP certified.

LBC Tank Terminals

LBC Tank Terminals Group has 14 storage terminals located at ports in Europe, USA and China. This network of storage terminals offers a total of 2.8 million m3 of storage capacity and a wide range of value added services.

Our storage terminals are suitable for handling a wide range of liquid products such as chemicals, specialty mineral and vegetable oils, feedstock and finished petroleum products.

Shell Bitumen

Market leader in bitumen over 85 years, Shell Bitumen’s mission is to offer its customers a portfolio of innovative products, with services tailored to their needs.

Shell’s commitment is to produce, transport and deliver to its customers the quality of bitumen they need, at the right temperature, where and when this is necessary. The network that Shell Bitumen has set up at European level, with refineries, terminals and depots, responds dynamically to this mission by absorbing issues of demand, production and seasonality.