ROTTERDAM – Project Rainbow update

18 July 2017

The LBC Tank Terminals Group is currently focused on expanding our LBC Rotterdam site in the Botlek area of Rotterdam, the petrochemical heart of the Port. The aim of our project known as ‘Rainbow’ is to triple the current capacity and significantly improve jetty and land infrastructure.  This project adheres to the three pillars of our business strategy (build-out, further optimize, expand) and reflects LBC Rotterdam’s ambition to become the safest and  most efficient terminal in the Port of Rotterdam when it comes to ship-to-shore interface and ship-turnaround times.

After the initial groundbreaking in February 2016, we commissioned the construction of 16 brand new stainless steel, heated and insulated chemical storage tanks with a capacity of 36,000 cbm. We chose to do this off-site in order to reduce any potential safety and operational impacts within our existing facility.  Following construction, we shipped these new tanks to our terminal in Rotterdam and at the end of November 2016 they were safely installed onto their foundation with no disruption to our operations. This was a major milestone during this project resulting in a 50% increase in our total capacity.

Currently, we are filling the recently constructed pipe racks with 20,000 meter of piping next to a state of the art firefighting system.  In addition, at present we are building the new centralized truck loading installations complete with six new weighbridges.

Simultaneous to the on-site activities, our partners are busy working at three separate locations on other aspects of our Rainbow Project, namely:

  • At the ‘Fruit harbor’ wharf in Rotterdam the jetty structure is being constructed, that will be brought to the site in one piece at the end of Summer;
  • Delmeco is building the armature for the jetty and the results of the recently conducted FAT (factory acceptance test) in Goes were very impressive;
  • At a third location in Antwerp all our prefabrication activities for the piping are being conducted.

All in all, our Rainbow Project is progressing very well and we are well underway to achieving our ambition. This project not only contributes to our strategic business model but is aligned with our vision to create a sustainable future where there is no such thing as a dangerous product at least not when under our care.