Rotterdam – Project Rainbow update

12 September 2017

The LBC Tank Terminals Group is currently focused on expanding our LBC Rotterdam site in the Botlek area of Rotterdam, the petrochemical heart of the Port. The aim of our project known as ‘Rainbow’ is to triple the current capacity and significantly improve jetty and land infrastructure.  This project adheres to the three pillars of our business strategy (build-out, further optimize, expand) and reflects LBC Rotterdam’s ambition to become the safest and most efficient terminal in the Port of Rotterdam when it comes to ship-to-shore interface, truck & rail – and ship turnaround times.

As already announced in our article published on July 18th, we are proud to inform you that during the past two weeks three parts of the upper jetty structure were delivered and installed at LBC Rotterdam. We are extremely proud of the fact that the installation of this structure – despite its incredible size of 36m length x 20m height x 10m width– was executed without any safety incident and with no business interruption at the terminal.

During the same week, the hose tower, including sliding beams and three cranes, was installed on top of the structure by the company Delmeco. This construction allows the operators to manipulate the (un)loading hoses of 8” in an ergonomically responsible manner using a small remote control unit.

The next steps in this ambitious growth project are the commissioning of the new jetty. As soon as this is accomplished, we will remove the old jetty in order to have free access to the barge jetty.

In the next phase yet another seagoing and barge jetty will be added. This will double our current jetty capacity!

LBC believes that it is of the utmost importance for our customers that the terminal is equipped with the best infrastructure possible. With the completion of this project our storage capacity will have tripled and not only will we have added seagoing and state-of-the-art barge jetties to our terminal, but these jetties will reduce waiting times at our quay to an absolute minimum such that we can safely serve our customers while maintaining optimum operational excellence standards.

We do this in order to realize our vision of creating a sustainable future for LBC, all its employees and customers such that there is no such thing as a dangerous product at least when under our care.