LBC attends 51st Annual EPCA Meeting in Berlin!

10 October 2017

At LBC we believe that we can meet the needs of our stakeholders with enhanced cooperation, coordination and communication. With this in mind we always ensure that we have a presence at the EPCA (European Petrochemical Association) annual gathering.  With 700 members in 54 different countries this gathering provides an ideal venue to meet and exchange ideas and transfer knowledge and learnings.   The main focus of our discussions this year were our expansion projects in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Houston. By engaging in constructive discussions regarding our plans with our customers, we ensure that there is a good understanding between all parties and that we can, where possible, incorporate the wishes and ideas of our customers in our plans to meet the needs of the industry. This in turn helps to support our vision of there being no such thing as a dangerous product at least when under our care.   


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