LBC Tank Terminals


23 November 2017

 LBC Tank Terminals strongly believes it is key to empower its employees so they can contribute to their competence, satisfaction and the sustainability of our organization. We not only do this by giving our employees the necessary skills, resources, authority and opportunity to perform their tasks to the best of their ability, but also by honoring the service they provide to our successful company.

To this end,  Service Award ceremonies were held November 14th in Baton Rouge and November 16th in Houston in order to recognize employees for achieving length of service milestones.  Employees receive recognition for achieving years of service milestones at each 5 year increment. The ceremony includes a dinner for the recipients and their guest as well as a Service Award. LBC is very proud that it can say that in the US region the combined length of service presented at the ceremonies totaled 395 years of service!

Our employees are the foundation of the company and are essential in maintaining our commitment to performance standards and operational excellence.  This dedication and commitment has a direct impact on sustaining the near term and forward looking growth plans, so LBC can continue to ensure that there is no such thing as a dangerous product, at least when under our care.

The Board of Directors, the Executive Leadership Team and the Americas Management Team wishes the recognize the following individuals for reaching their service award milestone.

35 years – Marian Esther

30 years – Julie LeBlanc

25 Years – Ernie Ybarra, Steve Griffin

15 Years – Kari Frederick, Jesse Guel, Charlie Morse, Joe Kyte, Steve Hunt

10 Years – Shawn Karsten, Brett Rushton, Elias Mendoza, Anna Holmes, Ryan James, Danielle Bush, Joe Garcia, Paul Arce, John Banks, Don Padilla, Javed Mohammed, Sonya Smith, Sean McKinney, Chad Ruiz, Devin Charpentier

5 Years – Bret Babin, Tyler Kelley, Jason Heil, Veronica Pina, Mario Vasquez, Kevin Duncan, Jerod Yates, Andrew Hartfiled, Mary Rodriguez, Juan Chapa, Robyn Schumacher