LBC Tank Terminals

LBC supports various organizations during the COVID-19 crisis

30 April 2020

LBC Tank Terminals supports various organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. This week, we put their efforts in the spotlight.

As a local employer, we support the economic and educational development in the communities in which we operate. We are committed to making a positive contribution and building lasting relationships with our stakeholders in these communities. To this end, we actively contribute towards initiatives, providing support for disadvantaged groups during the COVID-19 crisis.



From LBC Scheldelaan, we donated about two hundred chemical suits to local healthcare organizations. A great initiative and one that we wanted to continue by supporting other organizations during the COVID-19 crisis, such as Daklozenhulp Antwerpen, SWO Spijkenisse, Voedselbank Rotterdam in Europe and many other initiatives in the US.

Daklozenhulp Antwerpen (Dakant) provides food to people who need it for one reason or another. They do this every Sunday from October to March and receive between 300 and 400 guests every week. They consciously opted for a winter operation: life in summer is slightly cheaper for the target group, social contacts are also more evident in summer because people come out more, their infrastructure does not allow food storage at higher temperatures at the moment and their volunteers give their Sunday 24 times to the organization and they notice that a non-active period keeps motivation high. Under normal circumstances they put their goods out on long tables and people walk by. People can then choose for themselves what they would like.



Unfortunately, there have been a number of major changes within the organization since the COVID-19 crisis. For example, they have extended their dispensing season because of the high demand from the city for emergency aid for vulnerable people. This means that they have continued with the food deliveries after March. They make more use of volunteers through ‘Antwerpen Helpt’ because they no longer receive guests and play Deliveroo. The parcels can be ordered and are home delivered. They provide a transport allowance for the drivers who want it. Furthermore, they are making the entire space “summer proof” and buy refrigerators and freezers.

The Voedselbank in Rotterdam gives food parcels to people in need who have no money for groceries. The organization provides parcels via 30 distribution points to the poorest people in the Rotterdam region. For this, the Voedselbank is largely dependent on surpluses and donations. The organization strives to prevent food waste and to reduce its impact on the environment. Every week, parcels are distributed to some 7,000 families, more than 60,000 kilos of food. Of course, this cannot be achieved without volunteers. During the COVID-19 crisis, the Voedselbank and the distribution centre in Rotterdam can fortunately remain fully operational, but demand is high, which means they are always looking for more people who want to dedicate themselves to this initiative.



Stichting Welzijn Ouderen (SWO) Spijkenisse is a welfare institution for seniors in Nissewaard. The organization strives to contribute to the wellbeing of seniors through all kinds of services and activities. Unfortunately, the SWO has been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis and the advisors are committed to organizing safe alternative services for seniors. In addition to the grocery service, they also provide complete meals to the most vulnerable seniors. They are teaching seniors how to call online in a safe way, they are developing activities that people can do safely at home such as exercising on the balcony with a gymnastics instructor downstairs, they are organizing bingo in the doorway and they are working on a newspaper filled with other interesting activities. Last Saturday was an emotional day, when the organization provided a creative alternative for people to visit their loved ones with the help of a crane. In total, 18 visits to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor were made possible.




Finally, the organizers at SWO Spijkenisse have been busy in recent weeks calling all their customers to ask how they are doing. But the longer the crisis lasts, the more people sign up because they would like to be called. In order to be able to guarantee this contact with the seniors, SWO Spijkenisse can always use more volunteers to become someone’s ‘call buddy’.

Lastly, our US colleagues have focused on providing front line workers and vulnerable populations with meals purchased from locally owned restaurants.  Their initiative also includes support of Precinct2Gether in their effort to assist those most in need in East Harris County.
The City of La Porte EMS and Public Works departments and The City of Pasadena Office of Emergency Management are playing critical roles in public safety while putting themselves at risk and we are thankful for their invaluable service.



The Bridge Over Troubled Water, Sarah’s House, Today’s Harbor for Children and Precinct2Gether are fully operational and doing transformational work, even during this global crisis. For more information on their missions and current needs, visit them at,, and