LBC Tank Terminals joins Chemical Recycling Europe as associate member


LBC Tank Terminals has officially become an associate member of Chemical Recycling Europe (CRE), an industry association supporting and advocating for chemical recycling in Europe, dedicated to closing the loop for plastics through collaboration on circular and sustainable technologies.

"As the first terminal operator joining CRE, LBC’s participation reflects the growing interest of the industry in advancing our mission towards a more sustainable and circular economy in Europe, and we are pleased to welcome them as partners in this journey,” says John Sewell, Secretary General of CRE.

LBC assumes a significant role in supporting these objectives through vast expertise in safe storage and handling of various chemicals, including those integral to the circular chemical value chain, while also offering sustainable storage solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the emerging chemical recycling sector. These efforts are carried out while adhering to stringent environmental and safety standards and promoting resource efficiency.

René Loozen, Business and Market Intelligence Manager, highlights LBC’s enthusiasm regarding their involvement in CRE: "We are confident that our membership will provide us with invaluable insights and will facilitate the development of a robust network within this emerging value chain. We are eager to contribute to the ongoing progress by sharing our expertise in safe and sustainable storage solutions.”

Significant steps are being taken towards a future where waste is repurposed, contributing to both environmental and economic sustainability. This transition is a collective effort, and through connection and collaboration with other members in CRE, LBC is committed to making a meaningful and relevant impact.


LBC Tank Terminals

As a leading international and independent liquid bulk storage company, we form an integral part of our customers’ supply chains. We provide essential infrastructure and innovative services in the process of transporting products from areas of supply to areas of demand. In our position as connected partner in current and future logistic networks, we are a relevant player in the energy transition. We enable efficiency gains in our customers’ businesses and support their growth ambitions, paving the way towards a carbon-neutral society.

Chemical Recycling Europe

The members of Chemical Recycling Europe are united by one common goal: closing the loop for the plastics industry by offering the technology to chemically recycle all plastic waste back into its original components and/or other value-added materials. To help our members achieve this goal, Chemical Recycling Europe (CRE) was established in 2019 to promote and implement the innovative solutions that the chemical recycling of plastic waste offers to benefit our economy and society. CRE represents the interest of the European chemical recycling industry towards the public and European institutions.