Proton Ventures and LBC Tank Terminals partner to develop ammonia terminal operations in Northwestern Europe and North America


Proton Ventures and LBC Tank Terminals are pleased to announce their collaboration in establishing a strategic joint venture aimed at developing ammonia terminal operations across Northwestern Europe and North America. This partnership unites Proton Ventures’ end-to-end knowledge of the green ammonia value chain with LBC Tank Terminals’ vast expertise in safe and sustainable storage of liquid bulk products requiring specialized handling. By fostering growth and innovation in ammonia terminal operations through united expertise and resources, this business venture sets the stage to meet growing market demand at the forefront of the energy transition.

As a prominent company in the engineering and project management field, Proton Ventures brings extensive experience in managing large-scale ammonia terminal projects, from their initial development to operationalization. "Our comprehensive approach, from feasibility studies to EPC works, underpins our commitment to drive the energy transition through innovative ammonia-based solutions," stated Paul Cox, CCO of Proton Ventures. "We are excited to combine our technical know-how with LBC’s operational excellence to advance the development of green ammonia facilities crucial for reducing global carbon emissions and optimizing renewable energy use."

With strategic terminal locations across major ports in Europe and the United States, LBC Tank Terminals leads key operations within the global tank storage landscape, providing the infrastructure and services necessary to advance the storage and handling of next-generation products such as ammonia. “Our focus on safety, sustainability, service, and efficiency is integral in supporting emerging supply chains. We look forward to combining forces with Proton Ventures for this future-focused endeavor which aligns with our strategic objectives to make positive impact and transform the industry in order to meet global energy needs," noted Frank Erkelens, CEO of LBC Tank Terminals.

Proton and LBC’s joint venture not only highlights the growing need for sustainable storage solutions but, more importantly, showcases the importance of strategic collaborations in driving the energy transition. The integration of both companies' core competencies and market positions is set to generate a unique proposition. The partners are targeting to establish the joint venture before summer 2024.


Radboud Godron
Business Development Director New Energies Europe
LBC Tank Terminals Group

Francesca Ieva Ortega
Project Developer
Proton Ventures B.V. 


Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures is an independent ammonia engineering company and a pioneer in the energy transition. Since 2001, Proton Ventures provides innovative engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals and green ammonia production units. The company strives to be a key player in the ammonia value chain, contributing to the decarbonization of the industry.

LBC Tank Terminals

As a leading international and independent liquid bulk storage company, we form an integral part of our customers’ supply chains. We provide essential infrastructure and innovative services in the process of transporting products from areas of supply to areas of demand. In our position as connected partner in current and future logistic networks, we are a relevant player in the energy transition. We enable efficiency gains in our customers’ businesses and support their growth ambitions, paving the way towards a carbon-neutral society.