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Our services


We store and handle products that meet essential consumer needs of everyday life. These products make their way into the healthcare and personal care sectors, construction and housing, the food industry, and other essential markets. We safeguard our long-term relevance by offering integrated services that respond to our stakeholders’ expectations and anticipate on evolving environmental, social, and governance requirements. We invest in a digital, efficient, and sustainable future, serving markets and customers with storage solutions that contribute to a better tomorrow.

Storage and handling

With connections for barges, ships, trains, and trucks, flexible operating hours, and fast loading and unloading times, our storage facilities are aimed at meeting our customers’ exact needs. Our team always works with an eye for safety and a desire to provide optimal service, making storage of your product an efficient process.

  • Storage and handling of high-heat products and low-temperature products
  • Nitrogen blanketing and purging
  • Vapor return and vapor treatment
  • Filtering
  • Blending, including in-tank and in-line blending
  • Dying and dehydration
  • Tank-to-tank transfer as well as direct transfer to and from ship, pipeline, barge, truck, or railcar

Filling, drumming, and warehousing

Time to move your product out of a storage tank? It’s a simple process with LBC. You’ll find filling and drumming services are just a request away. Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are a specialty. And if you’re unsure which size or type of container would be best? We will happily advise you. We also offer warehousing services.

Specialized services

The most important service we offer? The one you require. Whether it’s flexi-bag loading, product analysis with surveyors on site, or forwarding and customs services, let us know what you’re looking for. Our experienced team members will happily find the perfect solution for you.